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The Quantum-Difference’s

Aggressive “Oxygenation/5G Solution” Campaign for 2022

Addressing TWO Major Health Threats…

Low Oxygen Challenges

The 5G Crisis

Oxygen Is The Key to Optimum Health

In today’s toxic environment, blood saturated with oxygen can be the difference between life or death.

The Need For Everyone to Increase and Maintain the Volume of Oxygen in Their Blood Has Never Been Greater!

Oxygen provides the energy that fuels all life-giving processes.

YOU and everyone you know and love can NOW increase the oxygen in YOUR bloodflow, at the speed of light…

Our Aggressively Discounted Pricing…

The Quantum3 loss-leader pricing will allow tens of thousands of empowered individuals to enjoy the benefits of an immediate increase of oxygen in their life-giving blood.

The Q3 Band Increases Quantum Life-Giving Oxygenation.

US Government Patents validate that increased oxygenation rejuvenates and prevents a wide variety of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

This live blood analysis of an 81 year old woman shows how her blood flow went from tired to lively and happy and oxygenated in just two minutes.

Cells are the building blocks of your body.

They are responsible for every life-generating, life-maintaining, and life-restoring process in your body.

Cells under stress shut down. They get exhausted, and age faster than healthy, open cells. The long-term result is compromised health and immune system, manifested in illness and disease.

Healthy cells heal themselves. They are in growth mode and are full of life, and are impervious to disease.

The Benefits of Our Quantum3 Technology

  • Increased oxygenation
  • Improved Blood Flow
  • Increased ability to hydrate
  • Reversing biological cell age (rejuvenation)

Our Q3 technology is the result of more than 13 years of research and development.

The medical tests below demonstrate the immediate and widespread benefits of oxygen increase in the cells of our body.

Note: These tests have not been done to diagnose any medical condition. These are empirical proven results.

These tests show the Q3 Frequencies stabilizing your body’s energy field.

The frequencies support the cells of your body at the speed of light, to do what only your cells can do…

To keep your body strong, healthy and  energized.

The Q3 Band Also Provides A Solution To The 5G Health Crisis

5G and Electro Magnetic Frequencies sap Life, Health, and Power From Your Cells!

All day… Every Day… Everywhere.

It’s obvious that ALL people of ALL ages who spend hours on

Online working,

Online meetings,

Online learning/teaching,

Online gaming,

etc. definitely need this protection 24/7!!!

Quantum Problems Can Only Be Solved With Quantum Solutions

The Q3 Band Defends YOUR life, Health, and Power…

All Day… Every Day… Everywhere.

The Quantum3 Band…

1. Increases the volume of oxygen in your blood.

2. Makes your body impervious to ALL negative EMF’s.

“Just Wear It”

And immediately receive the benefits… 24/7

(We recommend you remove the band when taking a shower, bath, or any water sports.)


  • No exercise
  • No shots
  • No pills
  • No schedule to remember
  • No learning curve
  • No technical hurdles
  • No software to download
  • No re-charging

Now you and your loved ones can enjoy…


The Quantum Solution Requires a Quantum Offer…

One Single Q3 Band for $130 (Value $200)

Our Q3 Technology Provides The-Quantum-Difference

The Quantum3 Technology utilizes natural frequency combinations which are programmed into our Q3 holograms.

The frequencies are beamed INTO the holograms in order to beam OUT from the holograms at the speed of light.

Holograms are a permanent and stable medium for the storage of massive amounts of information.

It takes 12 days to embed Q3 holograms with the photons of our pristine proprietary botanical frequencies.

Our frequencies cannot be reverse engineered. So, Copy-Cats are impossible.

The Quantum Is A Photon of Light

Frequencies Are Waves of Photons Instantly Impacting Your Body

We ARE Quantum Frequencies!

Every Living Cell Is A Collection Of Frequencies

How The Holograms Work

Q3 Holograms are worn on the body, in order to be inside the body’s energy field.

The frequencies are emanating 24/7, and the body’s energy field “reads” these frequencies, utilizes what it needs, when it needs it. The frequencies that the body does not need, simply pass through.

Return & Refund Policy

Our return time-frame for returns or refunds is 15 days. If 15 days have gone by since you received your order, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange. To be eligible for a return, your item must include the original packaging. In the event of a multiple package purchase, only one may be opened.

Return & Refund Policy

Our return time-frame for returns or refunds is 15 days. If 15 days have gone by since you received your order, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange. To be eligible for a return, your item must include the original packaging. In the event of a multiple package purchase, only one may be opened.

Can negative frequencies be blocked or cancelled out?
A: No, these harmful frequencies (EMFs) cannot be blocked or cancelled out. (If they could, your cellphone would stop working.) Even though we cannot see them, these frequencies are everywhere, radiating from every electronic device, cellphone and WiFi networks, and go straight through us (just like an X-Ray does).
How do the Quantum3 Frequencies protect my body?
A: Constant negative frequencies pollute the body’s own energy field that, now disrupted and unstable, cannot perform its task – to support the cells of your body to remain healthy.

Our unique proprietary technology is designed to stabilize the body’s own frequency field so that the cells of the body become impervious for these harmful EMFs, and can perform the tasks they are designed to do.

Is our technology safe?
A: Yes, our technology is safe to use. The frequencies are selected on their ability to stabilize and support the body.
How do I activate the Q3 Frequencies?
A: The Q3 Frequencies are active all the time, 24/7. It does not require electric power or battery charge, there is no download of software, no learning curve, no excersise. All you do is wear it on your body.
How will I know that they are working?
A: The frequencies inside the holograms are subtle energies. Some people will feel a change in their energy field, if they happen to be sensitive to that. But for many people that is not the case. But most people also do not feel the presence of other EMFs that are around us. Some people will feel a shift in a physical condition. Others reported an increased strenth. Some will experience subtle changes in their overall condition over time. Our test results have shown a variety of ways the body responds to the Q3 Frequencies.
Will it heal my __________________ ?
A: No, the Quantum3 Frequencies do not treat, heal, or cure anything. But they stabilize the body’s own energy field, with pure and healthy frequencies, supporting the cells of your body to become impervious for the EMF pollution and maintain and restore your health and wellness.
Are the QBD and the Quantum3 Bands the same?
The QBD Holograms and the Quantum3 Bands are infused with the same 12 day technology process. However, the frequencies are not the same, they are designed to provide two different solutions to the accelerating aging processes.
How fast will I see results?
A: We cannot answer that question. Our test results have shown that the effect of the Quantum3 Bands can happen immediately and be observed in a matter of 1-2 minutes. But that does not mean that this will happen for every person in the same way. Much depends on the state of the energy of your body and on your body’s chemistry. Even though the energy effect can happen at the speed of light, we cannot predict what the physical effects may be on different people.
How long will the Q3 Frequencies be effective?
A: Our technology has been in use for over 8 years. Even holograms from 8-10 years ago are still effective.