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The Story of The Ultimate Paradigm Shift

Delivering 100’s of the World’s Nutritional Treasures at the Speed of Light

Chapter 3


Every epic story must conclude with HOPE for the future. YOUR future!.

Authentic hope is the expectation of good in the future. Hope that is based on something real, not wishful thinking. Authentic hope of solidified when YOU realize the The Ultimate Paradigm Shift is in reality THREE Paradigm Shifts in ONE Delivery System.

The 1st Paradigm Shift reveals the superiority of Light-Photons to deliver nutrition over physical molecules.

The 2nd Paradigm Shift documents how Light-Photons create exclusive quantum “coherent domains” inside billions of physical water molecule clusters.

The 3rd Paradigm Shift dominates the nutritional landscape when the coherent domains created by light are embedded with hundreds of global botanical healing frequencies.

The Crowning Experience of HALO’s Nutritional Sovereignty Is Created When…

HOPE, that the Quantum Restoration System creates when YOU are facing debilitating health challenges.

And HOPE that the Quantum Longevity System births when YOU have life threatening cellular malfunctions

The Quantum Restoration System delivers the world’s best nutritional treasures for the myriad of ailments that our polluted and injury prone world produces.

The Quantum Longevity System delivers the Internet’s most documented anti-cancer, anti-tumor, and anti-pathogen plants, roots, and mushrooms.

The HALO Light delivers the botanical frequencies under the tongue directly into the bloodstream.

The HALO Light structures water with a coherent domain and charges these domains with the botanical frequencies.

Now You Can Drink “To Your OWN Health”

Your entire household and your pets can now drink water that is charged with 100’s of the best available botanical frequencies.

To summarize Chapter 3:

The Nutrition of Life Is Plants.

The Story of The Ultimate Paradigm Shift is a Story About The Quality of Life. 

Light and water produce the abundance of unique frequencies in plants

That create, maintain, and restore life inside your body.

The Quantum Life in Light, Water and Plants if the Key to…

Life, Health, and Peace.

The Three HALO Botanical Systems

Each COMPLETE Kit Includes

  • 1 HALO Pro Light Device
  • 4 Rechargeable Batteries 26650 mAh
  • 1 USB battery charger
  • 1 Nanuk custom carrying case
  • 1 Water Structure vial
  • 5 System Vials
NOTE: You can add vials from any of the systems through our HALO Customer Support.

The Ultimate Paradigm Shift Offers An   Exceptional Value

A One Time Purchase Provides…

A Lifetime Supply of Quantum Nutrition

A Lifetime of Savings

Long-term Cost Comparison

How much money do you spend year after year on…

Which you hope you’ll never need?

Compare that to our Money-Saving “Essential Nutrients System” that your entire family NEEDS, day-after-day, year-after-year.

You have now arrived at the Right Place at the Right Time

For your Health to Flourish

By Surrounding yourself with “The Essential Nutrients”

From all over the world.

Invest in Your Own HALO System by Clicking the Link Below.