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Only LIFE Can Create, Maintain, and Restore Life

Life Exists At The Quantum Level

 Or It Does Not Exist At All

The Quantum-Difference Story

Quantum Life is the Key to…

Life, Health, and Peace.

The Quantum Life in Light

The Quantum Life in Water

The Quantum Life in Plants

The Quantum-Difference Story is a Story About Quantum Life.

Light and water produce the abundance of unique frequencies in plants

That create, maintain, and restore life inside your body.

The Energy of Life is Light

There is no life without Light. A Quantum is a photon of light. All frequencies are photons.

The Substance of Life Is Water

Photons of light create living water. The photons charge the water with quantum frequencies.

The Nutrition of Life is Plants

The quantum life of light and water creates a universe of diverse lifeforms in plants.

Life is in The Blood

Which raises three vital questions:

  • What is the quality of life in your blood?
  • How much quantum life is in your blood?
  • What is the fastest way to get the most quantum life into your bloodstream?

The Essence of Life is Information

The key to your health is how much and how fast information that creates, maintains and restores life can be delivered to the cells of your body.

There is a quantum difference between chemical and frequency transfer of this vital information.

Quantum vs. Chemistry

Quantum Frequencies of Life:

  • Require no ingestion, digestion and absorption
  • Create no heat-loss
  • 0% loss of information
  • Produces no waste
  • Transferring information at the speed of light
  • Can enter a closed cell

Food and Supplements:

  • Require ingestion, digestion and absorption
  • Create massive chemical heat-loss
  • 98-99% loss of information
  • Produce mostly waste
  • Transferring information at a snail’s pace
  • Cannot enter a closed cell

As you can see, the Quantum Story reveals a profound difference.

Like all real stories, the Quantum-Difference Story is about…

“The Good Guys vs. the Bad Guys”

 – Good Frequencies vs. Bad Frequencies – 

Natural Frequencies

Nurture your cells with life, health, and power.

All day… every day… all of your life!

Man-made Frequencies

Sap your cells from life, health, and power.

All day… every day… all of your life!

The bombardment of negative frequencies are getting exponentially worse everywhere, every day.

From 3G and 4G to 5G

Electronic Lifestyle

The "New Normal"

The Quantum-Difference Story takes place inside the cells of your body.

You are the main character in the Quantum-Difference Story; you and those you know and love.

Your role is to protect your cells and the cells of your loved ones from the “bad guys”.

In your quest to over come and conquer,

You need our exclusive Quantum-Life Delivery Systems,

providing your cells with Light, Water and Nutrition

At the speed of light

All day… Every day… Everywhere!

With A Quantum Synergy That Has Never Existed Before

Creating, Maintaining, and Restoring Quantum-Life

At The Speed of Light