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Chapter 2

the primary view of water has been limited to a carrying, hydrating or conducting agent.

However, the new science of water reveals previously unknown quantum fields with exponential healing benefits.

The quantum energy field that is created inside structured water molecules is called a “Coherent Domain.”

Our story of The Essential Nutrients now leads us into the exclusive world of Quantum Physics.

When light enters water, the photons structure water molecules in such a way that they “join hands” and form an enclosure, called Coherent Domain.

This structure reveals that water is capable of storing energy and transferring an inexhaustible variety of nutritional frequencies.

This “Dance” is forcing the traditional Western Medicine to acknowledge “The Quantum Nutrition Breakthrough.”

In fact, the discovery of “The Fourth Phase of Water” is a distincitive paradigm shift, turning the world of Quantum Physics, Chemistry and Biology upside down.

The Fourth Phase of Water, reveals a previously unknown dimension of water properties. The Coherent Domains in water multiply the energy of the sun exponentially.

Finally, now Western Medicine is joining “The Dance.”

Light, the energy of life, embeds and multiplies its quantum presence in water, the substance of life.

This “Exclusion Zone” water (EZ water) generates negative and positive charges which creates nano-batteries around every water-loving protein in your cells.

What if... you could multiply the quantum coherent domain in the trillions of your cells beyond where they have ever been?

What if… you could fortify your immune system by embedding these multiple coherent domains in your cells with The Essential Nutrients of Life?

Just imagine the long term health benefits you could experience if you begin to do that day-after-day and year-after-year.

Well, from NOW on you can.


You Can maximize these coherent domain batteries in the cells of your body with the exponential healing benefits of The Essential Nutrients of Life delivered by the HALO Photons of Light.

Your immune system will love it!

To summarize Chapter 2…

The Substance of Life Is Water.

Photons of Light Create Living Water

The Quantum Coherent Domains in Water Multiplies The Energy of Light

Our Quantum Coherent Domains are embedded with The Essential Nutrients of Life

In Chapter 3 – You will discover How You Can Have HOPE in very challenging and difficult times.