Quantum Difference Technology



Baby Boomer, young people, college and professional athletes alike have been shown to:

Increase strength, by up to 29%

Increase endurance by slowing rate of fatigue (FEEL BETTER)

Enhance and Increased Flexibility

Boost serotonin levels

Increases the Absorb ability of Water by the Body

Accelerate recovery

Assist to alleviate pain

                                                                               Introduction to Quantum Difference Technology

What is the Quantum Difference?

The difference is everything! Quantum Difference products are made of high quality materials and infused with Energy Infusion Technology. Our KitCore Labs has developed and patented a Proprietary Energy Infusion Process that can be directly applied to certain materials such as Polyester, Hemp, Bamboo, Water and Natural Oils. That is used in the manufacture of clothing, Sports Gear etc. Testing from multiple independent laboratory utilizing FDA approved procedures that has shown our Infusion process helps reduce inflammation, and reduce pain without drugs or surgery, it also helps increase a person’s strength, joint movement and flexibility. Our process helps neutralizes free radicals (which cause cellular death) and helps the body absorb water.

Further anecdotal

-Physical testing shows up to a 29% increase in strength in individuals

-Up to 3 inches of increased flexibility in College and Professional Athletes

-We have Thermal Imaging from an independent laboratory showing a substantial decrease in surface inflammation

Release of electrons that Neutralize Free Radicals and other Positive charged molecules such as those involved in the Inflammatory Process

Before and After Thermography imagery:

electro-300x241 (2)

*Pain is shown by the white, red, orange, yellow going down to green and then to blue=no pain.*

Infusion, means the introduction of a new element or quality into something. Infusion of substances into material and clothing, it is around all of us and has become a part of human’s everyday life.

We don’t claim any cures but our Proprietary Energy Infusion Process has been tested by using FDA approved procedures showing major positive changes in many of the conditions stated above, by using Quantum Difference products, and increasing the number of available negative ions.

What it means to you; everything is Energy. Energy is measured in Frequencies. Our bodies though each is different, utilize similar frequencies to preform various functions. Energy Infusion Technology has shown to increase the availability of a range of frequency that our bodies can use. As each of us is an individual, and there are no two individuals exactly alike, the performance experience may be different from one person to the next.

Feel the difference.

The only way to truly experience the difference is to try the apparel, recovery sleeves, and mouth guards for yourself. Our products can be washed just as you would any other apparel without losing the benefits of the energy infusion process. If you are not completely satisfied a 100% refund is assured, Just send the product back to us all you pay is the postage and handling. Please browse our Website to order yours today.

infared picture of the brain

Working with the nerves to activate the mid brain                                                                 #YOURBEST                                               

The Difference is everything, Perform & Feel Your Best