Hi Bobby,

The shirt material is amazing.

Put my shirt in my pillow case one night. Had a good nights sleep but did not make the connection till later when I removed the pillow case and the tee shirt fell out. I wondered about it and tried it again. The shirt has never failed me. I don’t know if it works for everyone, but I am a believer.

Thank you for this gift.


— Dorothy Epp – Cedar Creek, TX

“Well, long story short, I was hit/pinched by another car by my car door. I have had pain behind my knee for months. I went from wearing heels to work to having to wear tennis shoes and figuring out outfits to match for a business professional. I could not wear heels because of the pain in my knee. I started to wear Quantum Difference yoga tights and my pain is gone. I was so happy and to be honest, surprised on Halloween, I had to wear heels to match my family costume and was fearful. It hit me when I got home that I had NO PAIN.

BTW, I found out that I need knee surgery so I will have my Quantum yoga tights ready. I will be buying a few more pairs.”

— Cynthia Riedel – Senior Escrow Officer


“I ran the Crim Race in Flint, MI in a Quantum shirt for the 1st time running, it was my best time of all my training or races.”

— Matt Abraham-Attorney at Law

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Via Text: 1:09AM Bobby, can you overnight me a mouth guard? When I got traded, my mouth guards got lost in the move and I play Monday night and I need a new mouth guard.

Yes, we have your model and I will ship out tmrw.

Thank you so much, I appreciate it. I do not want to play w out it.

— Jeff Petry- Professional Hockey Player

“I live with a chronic nerve disorder known as atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia. Atypical because there hasn’t been a treatment found that can cure my condition. I was very fortunate to get the opportunity to work with the Quantum Difference team as they customized a mouth splint in hopes to treat my pain. I wear other Quantum products to help to reduce the pain. I’ve successfully reduced the amount of medication I was taking daily, making it easier to perform everyday tasks. Having been bed ridden to now an active and registered yoga instructor, I put full faith in the Quantum Difference.”

Thank you Dr Ewing

— Chelsea Eaves-Yoga studio owner

“I have never felt better. From my work outs, to my runs, to officiating in games, wow, I feel great. I never do any of those activities without using a Quantum Difference product.  When I advance to officiating college hockey, it was tiring, then I started using my Q Guard, my knee sleeve and or my Quantum shirt. These made it much easier, huge difference and I recovered much quicker.”

Sincere thanks, Eric

— Eric Kirn- Level 4 youth hockey/college on ice official

These knee wraps are fantastic! I skate multiple times per week for ice hockey, and I never step foot on the ice without them on. I tend to have knee pains throughout the day, and I am always amazed that when I get off the ice and change. I think to myself, “You know, my knees weren’t bothering me at all.”

I don’t know the science behind these knee wraps; I just know that when I wear them, my knees feel much better. I can focus on all the craziness going on in the game instead of being distracted by chronic knee pain. I highly recommend these for any person, athletic or not.

— John Dibbern-College on ice official

“I was a drugged vegetable for months, after my surgery to put in 2 6-inch rods in my back. I could not function. I received a Q Splint in Dec. and I made my high school golf team in the Spring. I was shocked and so happy just to be able to sit through a school day!”

— Darby Auckland, high school student

I have been using Quantum Difference products while I have been playing tennis, and was amazed at the results.  Although my game remained dismal, my body no longer became “winded”.   I was able to go for long periods playing singles on a clay court, without having to stop and catch my breath.  This I found quite unusual, as I had smoked for many years, and it was just normal to stop and get my breath back, after a long point.  The energy infused products are quite extraordinary, and could be used to revolutionize much of the way we live our lives.

— Nancy Headrick, RN

I wear my Q guard every game, period! I would not go on the ice without it. The protection is the best but the added benefits are incredible. Why wouldn’t I wear it every time?

— Carl Sasyn-Professional On Ice Official

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