Back Q Support


 Back support that can speed recovery and ease joint soreness and muscle pain.

  • Applies magnetic energy on targeted acupuncture points
  • Thick compression material increases circulation
  • Speeds recovery and increases strength and stamina

Made for: People who experience back pain



The patented electromagnetic technology in the Q Support Back Brace targets joint soreness and muscle pain, and has been proven to help accelerate recovery. While a standard back compression brace increases circulation, the Q Support may also:

  • Increases strength
  • Boosts stamina
  • Improves metabolism

Don’t just settle for “good as new” when you can be better than new.

The thick compression material increases circulation while four steel plates support your back, and tourmaline heating points and neodymium magnets apply gentle magnetic energy to targeted acupuncture points on your torso.

This back brace was designed to gently stimulate the body’s acupuncture energy points to encourage pain relief and rapid healing. Through testing and user experience, though, we have discovered that the effects of this magnetic acupuncture have in many cases gone beyond healing, and that stimulating these acupuncture points can actually improve athletic performance.

Find out more about how this technology works on our How It Works page.

With the benefits of therapeutic acupuncture plus the benefits of compression to increase circulation you may experience a better, faster recovery than you would get with a standard back support brace.

Product specifications: Velcro closure.


WARNING – Waist Support Brace is engineered with 38 powerful neodymium magnetic stones, to help relieve lower back pain from sciatica and herniated disc pain relief, where the level of discomfort is in the mild to moderate end of the scale. The heating sensation associated with usage is immediate reflection of the Quantum Difference Technology speed in helping to heal soft tissue areas from lifting, bending, crouching, and impact sports.
Recommended to wear shirt between Q Back Support and skin first to see how your skin reacts to the warming sensation.



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