Recovery Support – Knee Sleeve


Patent electromagnetic compression knee support that can speed recovery and ease joint soreness and muscle pain.

  • Applies magnetic energy on targeted acupuncture points
  • Thick compression material increases circulation
  • Speeds recovery and increases strength and stamina

Made for: people and athletes who experience knee pain



Knee pain is one of the most common complaints of athletes and people who work on their feet all day. The patented technology in the Q Support Knee sleeve targets joint soreness and muscle pain, and in many cases has proven to actually help accelerate recovery, so you can get back to your sport or your job faster.

But the Q Support can do more than just help with pain management, it also helps to increase circulation and recovery. The Q Support also:

  • Increases strength
  • Boosts stamina
  • Improves metabolism

Don’t just settle for “good as new” when you can be better than new.

This knee brace was designed to use compression to increase circulation, as well as gently stimulate the body’s acupuncture energy points to encourage pain relief and rapid healing.

The sleek black Q Support Knee sleeve with iridescent red accents includes tourmaline acupuncture heating points and neodymium magnets implanted in the material to stimulate your body’s healing capacity.

Find out more about how this technology works on our How It Works page.

Get the benefits of therapeutic acupuncture plus the benefits of compression to increase circulation for a better, faster recovery than you would get with a standard knee support brace.

Product specifications: 12” in length


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