Q Guard Home Kit

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Create your own teeth impression at home for a truly custom-fit mouth guard that can also enhance your performance.

  • Dentist-manufactured for precision fit
  • Patented technology enhances your performance
  • Built-in magnets accelerate recovery

Made for: Athletes and people in pain who want to improve performance and heal faster, and who need a more custom fit



Patented, performance-enhancing technology. Invented and designed by Dr. David Ewing, DDS.

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Ready to get the benefits of improved performance and accelerate healing, but want HI Tech custom fit. The Q Guard Home Impression Kit is for you.

Q Guard Home employs the patented three-part technology of magnetic therapy, needle-free acupuncture and correct teeth alignment designed by Dr. David Ewing, DDS – but unlike the Q Guard, it enables you to take your own teeth impression right at home so we can provide you with a truly custom fit.

The Q Guard product line is laboratory tested and clinically proven to:

  • Increase strength by up to 29%
  • Improve speed and endurance
  • Increase stamina by slowing rate of fatigue
  • Enhance balance
  • Boost serotonin levels
  • Accelerate recovery and improve pain management

Mouth guards from The Quantum Difference are designed for more than just protecting teeth. Any type of athlete – from hockey players to yoga practitioners to golfers – or anyone who is experiencing pain, can use the magnetic acupuncture effect and may experience enhanced performance and faster healing.

We are the only company offering a home impression kit in three sizes, so your custom-fit is truly custom. Once you send your teeth impression to our Quantum Difference Certified Dental Lab in Michigan, we custom-manufacture your Q Guard to fit your teeth precisely.

The custom-fit mouth guard that makes you a better you.

Color options: Red, green, clear, blue and yellow


Color Options Red, Green, Clear, Blue and Yellow
Special Ordering Instructions OAfter placing your order online, you will receive your home impression kit. Follow the directions (see link below) to create your impression, then send it to our Quantum Difference Certified Dental Lab. Our technicians will manufacture your new Q Guard, which will arrive on your doorstep within 7 business days.
Download the Upper and Lower Click-In Instructions


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