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The QBD Hologram Frequencies Introduce…

A Quantum Paradigm Shift in the Exploding World of CBD

In 2003 the US Government was granted a CBD Patent.

The USA Patent declares that CBD is useful in the treatment and prevention of a wide variety of oxidation diseases (such as ischemic, age-related, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.) It also claims that CBD is a prophylactic agent against many neurodegenerative diseases that frequently accelerate the aging process (such as Alzheimer, Parkinson, HIV dementia.) and neurological damage as a result of events as stroke and trauma.

In all of human history, no nutritional substance has ever exploded in the global marketplace like CBD.

From hundreds of thousands of global sellers, to billions of Wall Street investment dollars. The reason is simple, even though it is ONLY a substance of oil, capsules, etc., Quality CBD is a big deal.

However, there is NO Comparison between…

The Physical Substance of CBD and…

  • Requires ingestion, digestion and absorption
  • Creates massive chemical heat-loss
  • 98-99% loss of information
  • Produces mostly waste
  • Transfers information at a snail’s pace
  • Cannot enter a closed cell

The Frequency Photons of QBD

  • No ingestion, No digestion and No absorption
  • Creates no heat-loss
  • 0% loss of information
  • Produces no waste
  • Transfers information at light speed
  • Can enter a closed cell.

“Energy is 100 times more efficient than a chemical signal.” Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD

Which makes our QBD “One of a Kind” . . .

QBD’s Superiority over CBD is even MORE profound! 

Since QBD Frequencies are not physical substances, there are NONE of the potential health risks associated with the substance CBD…

Unlike CBD substances, QBD quantum photons leave no residue.

If you are not experiencing the benefits of the “CBD-Revolution”,

you have arrived at the right place

at the right time

If you are already using CBD in any form; then you owe it to yourself to switch to QBD

Why Pay MORE for Much LESS?

It’s time to take “The-Quantum-Leap.”