Quantum3 Frequencies

QWearable Energy

 Transfers Quantum3 Frequencies Straight Into Your Blood

The cutting edge Quantum3 Technology in every Quantum3 Wearable is ON 24/7 – every moment of the day, even while you are sleeping.

It contains a combination of specific, known frequencies, that the body uses to restore itself to balance and health.

Photons – the energy of life – are stored in Quantum3 Technology and get transferred into your body.

The Quantum3 Technology give you a contstant stream of the ideal healthy energy frequencies your body must have in order to function at its best.

Holograms are a very effective way to store and maintain information. The Quantum3 Frequencies of Life are programmed into the holograms inside all Quantum3 Technology. These holographic chips are made of mylar (the same material that CD’s are made of).

In a very safe and subtle way, the frequencies that are programmed in the holograms are being constantly emitted and absorbed by your body as needed.

These frequencies are sensitive to human and animal energy fields, and when the stored frequencies enter an individual’s energy field, your body absorbs the frequencies your body knows are beneficial to it.

The longer the Quantum3 Technology is worn, the greater the residual impact of the beneficial frequencies stored in the Quantum3 Technology. The body is always in control when wearing a Quantum3 band, and will continue to absorb what energies are needed, when they are needed.

Life is IN the Blood

The key to your health is the quality of life in your blood, and how much quantum life is in your blood, and how fast quantum life can be transferred into your bloodstream

Just imagine – an 81 year-old-woman, whose blood hardly moves, which indicates very low oxygenation. You are watching worn out, tired blood. Just a few minutes of wearing the Q3 band, her blood undergoes a transformation, the cells start to flow fast and freely, which indicate cells that are high in oxygen. Notice the dramatic change – you have just watched blood turn happy and vital within a few minutes