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Managing Your Knee Pain with the Quantum Difference

managing knee painIn a perfect world, we could all run, skip, sprint, jump and do kart-wheels and not feel any pain. But that’s a perfect world – one we unfortunately don’t live in.

Remember when running didn’t hurt as much?

Over the last year, we’ve noticed that one of our biggest groups of clients are runners. Whether casual runners a few times a week for an easy jaunt around the local park or marathon-crazed runners, we’ve all suffered through and learned a lot about knee pain over the years. Not only as athletes ourselves, but as a business for developing and testing our technology to improve knee pain and make running fun again. Yes, remember when running used to be fun? It’s a sad part of the sport, but runners are one of the most frequently injured. According to a Runner’s World article from a few years back, about 40% of runner’s injuries are knee injuries.

If you are a runner who suffers from knee pain, check out our Q Support Knee Brace, which is only $49. It may look like your average/run of the mill knee brace, but it’s anything but average. The patented electromagnetic technology in the Q Support Knee Brace targets joint soreness and muscle pain, and in many cases has proven to actually help accelerate recovery, so you can get back to running faster.

More than just pain management

The Q Support can do a lot more than just help with pain management; it also helps to increase circulation and recovery, as well as increase strength, boost stamina, and improve metabolism. We tell our runners not to just settle for “good as new” when you can be better than new by using our patented technology while you’re running.

Our knee brace was designed to use compression to increase blood circulation, as well as gently stimulate the body’s acupuncture energy points to encourage pain relief and rapid healing. Not only will our brace ease the pain while running, it will keep it from swelling and feeling painful afterwards.

By using our knee support, you get the benefits of therapeutic acupuncture plus the benefits of compression to increase circulation for a better, faster recovery than you would get with a standard knee support brace. The brace is 12” in length and is one size fits all (we also offer a petite size).

Because our support brace isn’t bulky like others, it’s perfect to take with you when traveling and doesn’t take up a lot of room in your gym bag. It’s crazy to think something that doesn’t take up much room can decrease your pain levels considerably. It’s true what they say – great things can come in small packages!

Note: We do not claim that our knee support completely heals or cures a knee injury/ailment. Please consult a medical doctor to receive a true diagnosis and recommendation. The results described above have been reported to us by runners who wear our knee support braces.

— Managing Your Knee Pain with the Quantum Difference

Does Magnetic Jewelry Really Work?

does magnetic jewelry workFor centuries magnets have been used to reduce pain and treat ailments throughout the body. In recent years, the use of magnets for performance improvement and healing has become popular among professional and amateur athletes alike.

You may have noticed a proliferation of magnetic jewelry products on the market, and professional athletes hyping the effectiveness of magnetic bracelets and necklaces in ads and interviews, but do those magnets really make a difference in how you feel?

A History Lesson

After the discovery of an ancient magnetite mine in Africa, archaeologists were able to trace the usage of magnets back as far as 100,000 years. Magnetite was ground and used in potions, foods and topical applications. Ancient Greek, Hebrew, Arab, Indian, Egyptian and Chinese civilizations have also used natural magnets for health purposes throughout history.

Ancient healers believed magnets could draw illness from the body. Today many believe that magnets increase the blood flow of the underlying tissue, and that magnets alter the body’s electromagnetic energy balance.

In our (and our athletes’) experience, applied to a specific point, a magnet can help increase the flow of energy throughout the body and brain.

Today’s Magnets Are Too Strong

Though magnets can affect the flow of energy throughout the body, many people who use magnetic bracelets or necklaces report that they get an initial jolt of energy from the magnet – but it quickly wears off and there is no lasting or therapeutic effect. Arndt’s Law of Physics explains this:

Weak stimuli excite physiological activity, moderately strong stimuli favor it, strong stimuli retard it and very strong stimuli arrest it.

In other words, the magnet in this ineffective jewelry is too strong. The high magnetic potency of the jewelry is stopping the flow of energy instead of encouraging it.

When the magnet is too strong – in more technical terms, the gauss is too high – it does not produce the physiological response users are looking for.

Lopsided Physics

In addition to most magnetic jewelry being too high in gauss measurement, applying high potency magnets to one part of the body gives lopsided results. Wearing a magnetic bracelet on your right wrist leaves your left wrist (and the rest of your body) unaffected.

A low gauss magnet combined with quantum energy, however, will stimulate your entire body’s natural healing process. Your body’s own energetic system kicks into place to rebalance your body – so you can feel like you were meant to feel.

Why We Use Weaker Magnets Along With Quantum Energy in Our Products

Dr. David Ewing, founder of The Quantum Difference, applies Arndt’s law to every product we create. This ensures that the magnetic energy in our products is the right strength to encourage your body’s natural energy production and flow. The magnet is strong enough to work with your body and with our quantum technology, but not so strong that it has the reverse effect.

Intrigued? You can learn more about the history of our technology right here.

— Does Magnetic Jewelry Really Work?

Holiday Stress and Your Body

Holiday Stress Quantim DifferenceThe holidays are synonymous with a lot of things – vacation, family time, busy and hectic travel, parties, endless to-do lists, presents and more. Another thing the holidays are incredibly synonymous with is stress. Stress has an ugly way of creeping up on you and wreaking havoc on your body.

A health-related article on Mayo Clinic’s website explains that stress can affect the body by causing nagging headaches, insomnia, decreased productivity and focus at work and many more side effects. The article goes on to say, “Stress that’s left unchecked can contribute to health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.” Major stress can even lead to depression.

Some of the most common and effective ways to handle stress are partaking in simple daily activity (like a brisk walk around the neighborhood), eating a well-balanced diet, getting plenty of sleep and avoiding caffeine and alcohol (things that can be difficult to avoid during the holidays!).

Also, as simple as it sounds, getting plenty of sunlight (Vitamin D) can really help decrease your stress levels.

Quantum Technology Proven to Increase Serotonin Levels

And then there’s quantum technology, which has been proven to increase serotonin levels. Studies show that when serotonin levels increase, you have more energy and tend to “feel better.” Serotonin is a chemical your brain makes, and is responsible for regulating many of your body’s everyday functions, which contribute to your overall health. When you’re stressed or riddled with anxiety, it’s a proven fact that people generally don’t have enough serotonin.

Because of this connection between the brain functions, chemicals the body creates and the quantum difference, our products have been shown to increase strength, reduce pain and speed healing by increasing neuro-stimulation through infusion woven into our apparel’s fabric.

Each of our products have our patented technology that enhance the flow of your own body’s energy, stimulating the midbrain and bringing your body back into balance. And that’s what helps alleviate stress on all levels – bringing your body back into balance.

Over the holidays, remember to keep your cool and stay active along with a good diet and enough sleep – those will be vital keys to keeping your stress down as the year ends and help you enjoy it. If you still suffer from stress-related pain (such as knots in your back, nagging headaches, insomnia, teeth grinding, etc.), check out our products, and feel how the quantum difference can work for you.

— Holiday Stress and Your Body

Chelsea Eaves-Yoga studio owner

“I live with a chronic nerve disorder known as atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia. Atypical because there hasn’t been a treatment found that can cure my condition. I was very fortunate to get the opportunity to work with the Quantum Difference team as they customized a mouth splint in hopes to treat my pain. I wear other Quantum products to help to reduce the pain. I’ve successfully reduced the amount of medication I was taking daily, making it easier to perform everyday tasks. Having been bed ridden to now an active and registered yoga instructor, I put full faith in the Quantum Difference.”

Thank you Dr Ewing

— Chelsea Eaves-Yoga studio owner

Darby Auckland, high school student

“I was a drugged vegetable for months, after my surgery to put in 2 6-inch rods in my back. I could not function. I received a Q Splint in Dec. and I made my high school golf team in the Spring. I was shocked and so happy just to be able to sit through a school day!”

— Darby Auckland, high school student

Matt Anderton, Lawyer

“Dr. Ewing, I cannot begin to express to you what a tremendous blessing your electromagnetic bite splint has been to me. First of all. I am an intense individual who tends to grind his teeth. Especially at night when I sleep, when I exercise and play sports and even when I read. The bite splint has reduced my headaches and my jaw pain enormously. Also, I am sleeping better at night and have more energy. My wife has even told me I am not snoring as much. The first day I received the bite splint I went running and ran twice as far with more stamina and energy than ever before. I thought this might have been “in my head”. However, the results continued to increase over the next week and months. Furthermore, earlier this year I was hit in the head with a line drive playing softball and I believe the bite splint prevented me from receiving a concussion and more serious injury. Thank you for all that you do Dr. Ewing. It is obvious that you are a man of compassion who wants to make a difference in people’s lives. I believe everyone could benefit from the use of your bite splint. Certainly your electromagnetic bite splint will be a huge success!”

— Matt Anderton, Lawyer

Lynne, dental patient

“The pain of fibromyalgia is gone! I don’t know how you did it, but I thank you so very much! I have suffered for so many years. I thank you so very much!”

— Lynne, dental patient