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The Quantum Difference Technology Explained

The Quantum Difference Technology ExplainedWe’ll be the first to admit – sometimes science can be confusing. It wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea back in high school, so we wanted to take a minute and explain how the quantum difference technology actually works.

For starters – no one is excluded from feeling the need to have more energy. Whether you’re a student, a mom, a UPS driver or an elite athlete, we’ve all pretty much said, “I wish I had more energy.” Given our time-crunched society, people seem to be lacking energy more and more everyday. Simply put, people are lacking the energy needed to perform everyday tasks and to perform to the best of the ability. Our patented technology, which is laboratory tested and clinically proven can help you be your best.
Dr. Stephen Taylor, D.C., D.A.B.C.N. was a former chiropractor, turned neurologist, turned physician practicing “functional medicine,” explains how putting the technology into things like mouth guards, apparel and then transferring that energy directly into your body.

Our bodies are made of cells and all cells have the exact same function – to produce energy at all times. Our bodies are receptor-driven and are continuously changing every second. We have small generators on the ends of nerve cells and these receptors send messages to the middle of your brain.

Your Central Integrative System (CIS) is responsible for how much energy and info comes into your brain and then how it flows throughout your body, which essentially makes it function. We have been able to infuse our patented technology into things like polyester, plastics (i.e. compression gear and yoga pants). These substances, like polyester for example, are made up of molecules and we have been the first to develop a polyester infusion that put energy back into your body, which raises your baseline. Our technology increases your baseline and makes any type of movement a bit easier.

By wearing our performance enhancing compression shirts, or using our mouth guards, our technology (explained above) can help decrease your pain, enhance performance, speed up recovery, etc. Do we take away all of your pain? No, of course not. But many of our customers say before using our products, they were at a pain level of 8, and after using our products their pain was significantly decreased to a 5. Our products are helping our customers feel better and lower their pain considerably.

Our products are clinically proven to give you more agility and strength but we understand our customers want proof of how this works.

Our technology is right out of textbooks and straight into your yoga pants and other compression gear.

— The Quantum Difference Technology Explained

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15% off couponIn case you hadn’t noticed, The Quantum Difference brand has grown tremendously over the past year – and we’re beyond excited about it! We’ve introduced some great new products (like our performance enhancing shirts for both men and women), we’ve gone to trade shows and expos across North America doing product demonstrations and spreading the word about our patented technology, and we’ve continued to expand our product around some of the best elite athletes we’ve seen, including MMA fighters and NHL athletes. And we’re not done.

Our team has been working tirelessly to continue to keep this momentum up with our current customers and brand new ones, and we want you to stay up to date with everything we’re doing (yes – that even means sending you coupons and discounts and brand new product releases so you’re the first to know).

Just for signing up for our newsletter, we will give you 15% off your entire next order. All we need is your email address, your first and last name and that’s it.

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New Apparel Just Released!

25% Coupon code for athletic performance gearDoes anyone else find a product they love and buy five of the exact same thing? It’s not just us, right? Well lucky for you, if you already love the performance enhancing shirts with our patented quantum technology woven and infused into the fabric, you’ll be happy to hear we now have a few different color variations, sleeve lengths and styles. So now’s the time to stock up (and we’re offering 25% off with code MAR25).

New shirts

The shirts come in a variety of styles including white, black and grey, short sleeve or long sleeve and now in a v-neck (men’s and women’s sizing), crew neck (women’s only) and a recent favorite by our female customers – racerback (women’s only).

We offer some styles in petite sizing, and range from small to 2XL as well as a few styles in youth sizing. We’ve got shirts to cover the whole family – literally!

All of our shirts feature the Q-Dry Moisture Management technology and are made from a breathable, soft, comfortable material that absorbs sweat as you move.

New color combinations

Also, everyone’s favorite performance enhancing shirt is now available in black with red stitching for $39.99 – $49.99. This way it won’t look like you’re wearing the exact same shirt everyday, even though you probably want to!

The Quantum Difference shirts are not only some of the best performance enhancing shirts on the market for athletes and everyday wear, but also great for pain management and quicker recovery. We’ve heard from customers who suffer from fibromyalgia and how it’s helped them, those who have trouble sleeping, sore necks and backs and even from elite athletes trying to recover faster after a hard workout or run. It’s a great compression shirt for pretty much anyone.

And don’t forget, all of these shirts not only have our patented technology, but they are all 25% off throughout the month of March with code MAR25 (at checkout).

Happy shopping!

— New Apparel Just Released!

Introducing Quantum Difference on Pinterest and Instagram

Quantum Difference Pinterest

Getting with this whole 2015 thing, Quantum Difference has decided to create a Pinterest and an Instagram. We plan to use these social media tools to not only tell you about our new product releases and features, but to help continue to promote health and fitness on all levels, share training tips, recovering tips and even more.


To join us on Pinterest, you can find us here where we are following and pinning boards related to new fitness trends and products, pain management, knee support, fitness inspiration, running tips and tricks and more.

We’re still new to Pinterest, so if you know pinners we should follow (or if it’s you), leave us a comment so we can check them out. Our goal at Quantum Difference is not only to offer patented products that will help you train harder and recover faster, but to promote overall health and wellness. Health and wellness goes far beyond the right support braces – it includes proper training techniques, clean and healthy eating and much more.


On Instagram you can follow us @TheQuantumDifference. On Instagram we plan to share more of the same fitness and wellness posts – we want to show the world (or at least our followers) that living an active and healthy life, no matter your age or previous injuries, is in fact possible. We will showcase athletes and everyday people wearing our products and apparel as well as post some all around inspirational fitness stuff to encourage you get off the couch and put those muscles to work. We aren’t judging – we ALL need motivation.

The Quantum Difference team is also very active across the country. We attend all sorts of sporting events, tournaments and tradeshows, which showcase some of the finest athletes and products hitting the market – we plan to use our new social media pages to help share some of the cool stuff we’re doing as well.

And don’t worry; we’ll follow back!

Don’t forget – we’re currently offering 25% off your entire order by using code VDAY, so go check out our support products and active apparel.

Thanks for helping welcome The Quantum Difference’s social team into 2015 – we plan to do big things this year.

— Introducing Quantum Difference on Pinterest and Instagram