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The Story of The Ultimate Paradigm Shift

Delivering 100’s of the World’s Nutritional Treasures at the Speed of Light


The Energy of Life


The Substance of Life


The Nutrition of Life

ALL Three are ESSENTIAL for Your Optimum Health

in the very beginning, men knew that plants, roots, and mushrooms were essential for disease prevention, healing remedies, and optimum health.

Ancient civilizations, from one end of the earth to the other, flourished with the Nutritional Treasures that surrounded them.

China, India, South America, Africa, Europe, Mesopotamia, and the Middle East abound to this very day with hundreds of these botanicals healing properties.

The Ultimate Paradigm Shift Story Has Three Chapters…

Chapter 1

100’s of The Best Nutritional Treasures essential for disease prevention, healing remedies, and optimum health around the world, delivered by The ONLY System that provides you and each member of your family the exact amount of these nutrients, based on your individual needs…

Day after Day and Year after Year

At the Speed of Light!

HALO’s Photonic Nutrition Delivery Systems

The Ultimate Paradigm Shift Story Begins With The Essential Nutrients

The Photon Nutritional Pyramid

Everyone Knows the #1 Defense Against ALL Diseases… Past, Present and Future… is a Healthy, Vibrant, and Strong Immune System.

Essential Nutrients ARE ESSENTIAL For Your Immune-Peak-Performance

However, The Essential Nutrients Paradigm Shift is a Story that NO food supplement can tell.

Liquids, Powders, Capsules, are physical substances…


Therefore, they can NEVER be delivered at the speed of light!

The HALO Breakthrough Technology

  • The HALO Systems utilize the energy of light, passing photons through vials of all-natural botanicals.
  • Each HALO Botanical Vial is loaded with an abundance of the world’s nutritional treasures, that are known to address specific health needs and conditions.
  • The photons pick up the harmonic frequencies from these botanicals and transmits these new energies directly into the body.

The Essential Nutrients Delivery System

These abundant treasures have been hidden and counterfeited by Big Pharma “patented” high-cost chemicals that often produce dangerous side-effects and by the economic interests of Modern Medicine.

The source of The Essential Nutrients is ALL Natural and Whole Plant Based.

How wide spread is the damage caused by this Nutritional Sabotage?

The CDC says that 90% of the population is nutritionally malnourished.

How is this even possible when nearly a half a trillion dollars were spent in 2020 on organic foods and drinks and food supplements?

There can only be ONE reason…

You’re not getting ALL The Essential and Vital Nutrients, Indispensable for disease prevention, normal cell growth, and optimum health.


How can we have a 90% malnourishment dilemma when 77% of us are taking some kind of nutritional supplement?

There are FIVE previously unsolvable food supplement problems…

1. Your food supplements do not contain ALL of “The Essential Nutrients.”

Not even the Multi-Vitamin-Elephant in the room…

2. Most of your nutrients do not survive the digestive battle that must be fought before they can be absorbed into your blood stream.

3. The nutrients that do survive absorption lose most of their nutritional value as chemical “bonding” produces massive energy heat loss.

4. When your cells are closed, the physical molecules of nutritional supplements cannot penetrate the cell membrane.

The Life cannot get IN and the toxins cannot get OUT.

That is a big problem because… the only cells in your body that can get sick are closed cells.

5. Everyone’s nutritional NEEDS are unique.

There is NO way to know what each of your cells current nutritional NEEDS are and what is the exact amount of nutrients NEEDED to meet those NEEDS.

Therefore . . .

It’s time to stop “killing yourself” trying to overcome The IMPOSSIBLE substance problems that can only be soved with quantum nutrition.

What if…

With a One-Time-Purchase you could deliver ALL of “The Essential Nutrients” vital for disease prevention, normal cell growth, and optimum health, day after day, year after year?

What if…

ALL of “The Essential Nutrients” you need could be delivered at the speed of light without going through the digestive system conflicts?

What if…

Photons delivering Nutritional Life could penetrate your closed cells and cause them to open at the speed of light with NO chemical bonding energy loss?

What if…

The exact amount of “The Essential Nutrients” for maintaining the homeostasis of every one’s current needs were being delivered no matter how diverse their individual body chemistry?

The HALO’s instant delivery of ALL “The Essential Nutrients”
answers every “What If” question
with the Greatest Nutritional Paradigm Shift ever.

IN other words, Your Body heals ITSELF, or it does not get healed.

This profound truth has been known since ancient times.

Which Means…

Nothing man creates can heal sickness, disease, or injury.

Your cells NEED the essential nutritional foundation in order to maintain or support your health.

Which means, The HALO delivers the nutritional treasures your body can use to heal ITSELF

To summarize…

The Energy of Life is Light.

Only LIFE can Create, Maintain, and Restore Life.

Life exists at the Quantum Level, or it does not exist at all!

In Chapter 2 – You will be blown away when you realize the quantum’s multiplying presence in water!

If You Have Learned Enough And Are Ready to Order Your HALO System, Click The Link Below