Resetting Your Body’s Health Cycle and Baseline

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Your bodies health cycle

It’s 2015 and technology has taken over our world – in the most literal way. Did you know your body is a lot like a computer? In the simplest way to understand a few of the similarities between the two, think about how your computer functions when it’s been on for days – or even weeks. It starts to slow down and get sluggish, the programs aren’t as quick (or sometimes stop working altogether) and you get frustrated with it. Sound about right?

Any computer genius will tell you it’s a must to shut your computer down frequently – usually each night. (The same goes for your cell phone and almost all electronics.) This gives the computer some down time. While it’s open and running, things like temporary files, disk caches, page files and other things start to bog it down, but shutting it down makes all that go away. When you restart it the next day, it’s a fresh start and those temporary files and other things have been erased.

A fresh start

Your body needs fresh starts too. When your body gets worn down – either with daily stress from work or just from getting older – it starts to operate on its own rhythm, which can be dangerous. Have you ever noticed how much jet lag affects your body and your functions? Not taking the proper time to recover after hard workouts or not devoting enough time to sleep or proper nutrition can have the same negative affects on your body and over time, it can get worse.

Each person has a health “baseline,” which is basically what your normal health looks like – your freshest moment. Dr. Stephen “Kit” Taylor, a world renowned Chiropractic Neurologist, also calls this our Central Integrative State (CIS), which as the day goes on after you’ve worked out, used your brain tirelessly at work, played a sport or ran errands, starts to decline. This baseline not only declines as the day goes on, but as the years go on and we get older.

Think about it – your baseline today at whatever age you are (let’s say 33) is much different than what your baseline was when you were 19, right? You get tired earlier than you used to, you get winded much faster playing a game of basketball with friends, perhaps you run a mile slower than you did in college. Even things like hangovers seem more brutal and take longer to recover from. It’s just a part of life, but there are things you can do to improve that everyday baseline, which is one of the fundamentals Quantum Difference is based on.

Increase your baseline health

Quantum Difference technology has proven to help people reset back to their baseline/normal health so you can perform to the best of your personal abilities by using patented processes that include vibratory infusions of the materials in our products (support braces and apparel). These vibrations enable and increase an integrated state in the central nervous system – in other words, they stimulate the mid-brain to bring your body back into its natural balance using its own energy – which can result in increased strength, endorphins, and stability. Your body will feel like it’s supposed to feel, without chemicals and without the jolt-and-crash that other products (pills and supplements for example) may cause. There is no medication involved in this process – it’s simply a technology that we’ve developed and people of all ages and all sports are finding beneficial to resetting their baseline.

“The Quantum Difference saved my officiating career. I’ve been skating for 39 years – the past 20 as an official. Patellar tendinitis and osteoarthritis had me contemplating retirement after this season. With two sons who also play and officiate, it broke my heart to think my days on the ice were numbered. Hockey has been such a passion and huge part of my family’s life; my heart isn’t ready to walk away. The Quantum Difference products will give me another 10 years, if not more, on the ice. Because of your products, I’ll be able to participate in the sport I love with people I love for many, many more years.” – Nick Schirripa – Hockey Ref

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