Managing Your Knee Pain with the Quantum Difference

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managing knee painIn a perfect world, we could all run, skip, sprint, jump and do kart-wheels and not feel any pain. But that’s a perfect world – one we unfortunately don’t live in.

Remember when running didn’t hurt as much?

Over the last year, we’ve noticed that one of our biggest groups of clients are runners. Whether casual runners a few times a week for an easy jaunt around the local park or marathon-crazed runners, we’ve all suffered through and learned a lot about knee pain over the years. Not only as athletes ourselves, but as a business for developing and testing our technology to improve knee pain and make running fun again. Yes, remember when running used to be fun? It’s a sad part of the sport, but runners are one of the most frequently injured. According to a Runner’s World article from a few years back, about 40% of runner’s injuries are knee injuries.

If you are a runner who suffers from knee pain, check out our Q Support Knee Brace, which is only $49. It may look like your average/run of the mill knee brace, but it’s anything but average. The patented electromagnetic technology in the Q Support Knee Brace targets joint soreness and muscle pain, and in many cases has proven to actually help accelerate recovery, so you can get back to running faster.

More than just pain management

The Q Support can do a lot more than just help with pain management; it also helps to increase circulation and recovery, as well as increase strength, boost stamina, and improve metabolism. We tell our runners not to just settle for “good as new” when you can be better than new by using our patented technology while you’re running.

Our knee brace was designed to use compression to increase blood circulation, as well as gently stimulate the body’s acupuncture energy points to encourage pain relief and rapid healing. Not only will our brace ease the pain while running, it will keep it from swelling and feeling painful afterwards.

By using our knee support, you get the benefits of therapeutic acupuncture plus the benefits of compression to increase circulation for a better, faster recovery than you would get with a standard knee support brace. The brace is 12” in length and is one size fits all (we also offer a petite size).

Because our support brace isn’t bulky like others, it’s perfect to take with you when traveling and doesn’t take up a lot of room in your gym bag. It’s crazy to think something that doesn’t take up much room can decrease your pain levels considerably. It’s true what they say – great things can come in small packages!

Note: We do not claim that our knee support completely heals or cures a knee injury/ailment. Please consult a medical doctor to receive a true diagnosis and recommendation. The results described above have been reported to us by runners who wear our knee support braces.

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