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Austin Wayne Self Nascar racingOne of the best parts of seeing The Quantum Difference brand grow over the last year has been seeing who it has helped. We’ve talked about NHL players who wear our support gear and everyday folks who have found quicker recovery and relief wearing it day in and day out, but it benefits racecar drivers too!

Austin Wayne Self is one of our newest and most devoted believers and is one of our Quantum Difference sponsored athletes. Austin wears our short-sleeve performance enhancing shirts (need to link to the product – not sure how because the only product is for a long sleeve, but then you can choose short sleeve option, so I’ll leave the link up to you on this one) under his race suit for each of his races, and is a firm believer in the brand and the technology.

A need to be physically fit

Many people don’t realize how hard racing can be on your body. Drivers are usually holed up in their cars for hours shifting gears, accelerating and braking non-stop, tensed up muscles throughout the turns, and sometimes (and unfortunately) end up in high-impact crashes. Racecar drivers are athletes, and Austin knows firsthand how hard the sport can be – even on his young body. One article that talks about the necessity for drivers to be physically fit puts it in perspective using the Indy 500 as an example. “In the Indy 500, drivers are subject to forces equal to about 2.25 times their body weight, so being physically fit isn’t an option — it’s a must.”

The other part of this intense sport is that drivers must stay on high alert for extended periods of time – that alone takes endurance and strength.

“Racing is an exhilarating sport, but it’s a tiring one too. Wearing the performance enhancing shirts from Quantum Difference under my race suit has helped me in a lot of ways. For starters, it keeps me dry during the races because it can get really hot in there with no air conditioning. But the best part is it helps speed up my recovery the following day. I have definitely noticed an increase in my stamina since wearing QD, and it’s become a part of my uniform. In racing we don’t get a lot of days off, so this is something I like to attribute to my competitive edge because every lit bit can make the difference at the finish line,” Austin says with a smile.

Rookie of the Year

Back in December, Austin was awarded the 2014 Rookie of the Year for the ARCA Racing Series. The SCOTT Rookie of the Year must not only be a champion on the track, but off the track as well, and we are proud of Austin for this huge accomplishment.

The ARCA Racing Series is a series known for developing drivers – at only 18 years old Austin is determined to make a name for his self in the world of racing. And he’s off to a great start!

Stay connected with our newest Quantum Difference sponsored athlete on Facebook by following his racing page.

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