Active Mom’s Are Falling In Love With Quantum Difference

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Active moms love quantum differenceAre you a mom? If so, it’s no secret your day revolves around your kids. From making breakfast, packing lunches, being a taxi cab to swim practice, dance recitals, soccer games and birthday parties, helping with homework and everything else in between, being a mom is an exhausting job. And we know that mommy brain is a real thing!

Comfortable and flexible

We’ve recently had a lot of moms show interest in our Quantum Difference apparel. Workout clothes have become the “norm” for many moms – the uniform if you will. The comfort and flexibility to help run all these errands or pick up your child when he’s on the ground crying is a must. But imagine if you wore the same stretchy and comfortable clothes, but it had a patented technology woven throughout the material that kept you running at your best by utilizing the energy already running through your body? We get it – it sounds too good to be true, but believe it!

Endurance, stamina and quicker recovery

We love that moms have started using our products. Our products were originally created for high-performing elite athletes, but we soon realized that all the benefits of our products like endurance, stamina and quicker recovery are important for just about everyone – especially moms. Anyone who thinks moms don’t need stamina or endurance has clearly never been a mom. Part of being a mom is having to jump at a second’s notice and many times operate on little to no sleep – our products are perfect for this!

To get a little scientific – The Law of the Conservation of Energy was discovered by Isaac Newton in the mid-1600s and is the founding notion of how Quantum Difference products work. Each of our products enhances the flow of your own body’s energy, stimulating the midbrain into bringing your body back into balance. This isn’t a supplement or juice that gives you the jolt-and-crash that other products may cause – it’s simply technology woven into your everyday clothing.

Click here to see our performance enhancing shirts specifically created for women. We now offer the same performance enhancing shirts in racerback, v-neck, short sleeve and long sleeve so our products can easily become your new mommy superhero uniform. Use code APR25 throughout the month of April and get 25% off your entire order! We have yet to find a mom who did not notice a difference when she used one of our products.

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