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Resetting Your Body’s Health Cycle and Baseline

Your bodies health cycle

It’s 2015 and technology has taken over our world – in the most literal way. Did you know your body is a lot like a computer? In the simplest way to understand a few of the similarities between the two, think about how your computer functions when it’s been on for days – or even weeks. It starts to slow down and get sluggish, the programs aren’t as quick (or sometimes stop working altogether) and you get frustrated with it. Sound about right?

Any computer genius will tell you it’s a must to shut your computer down frequently – usually each night. (The same goes for your cell phone and almost all electronics.) This gives the computer some down time. While it’s open and running, things like temporary files, disk caches, page files and other things start to bog it down, but shutting it down makes all that go away. When you restart it the next day, it’s a fresh start and those temporary files and other things have been erased.

A fresh start

Your body needs fresh starts too. When your body gets worn down – either with daily stress from work or just from getting older – it starts to operate on its own rhythm, which can be dangerous. Have you ever noticed how much jet lag affects your body and your functions? Not taking the proper time to recover after hard workouts or not devoting enough time to sleep or proper nutrition can have the same negative affects on your body and over time, it can get worse.

Each person has a health “baseline,” which is basically what your normal health looks like – your freshest moment. Dr. Stephen “Kit” Taylor, a world renowned Chiropractic Neurologist, also calls this our Central Integrative State (CIS), which as the day goes on after you’ve worked out, used your brain tirelessly at work, played a sport or ran errands, starts to decline. This baseline not only declines as the day goes on, but as the years go on and we get older.

Think about it – your baseline today at whatever age you are (let’s say 33) is much different than what your baseline was when you were 19, right? You get tired earlier than you used to, you get winded much faster playing a game of basketball with friends, perhaps you run a mile slower than you did in college. Even things like hangovers seem more brutal and take longer to recover from. It’s just a part of life, but there are things you can do to improve that everyday baseline, which is one of the fundamentals Quantum Difference is based on.

Increase your baseline health

Quantum Difference technology has proven to help people reset back to their baseline/normal health so you can perform to the best of your personal abilities by using patented processes that include vibratory infusions of the materials in our products (support braces and apparel). These vibrations enable and increase an integrated state in the central nervous system – in other words, they stimulate the mid-brain to bring your body back into its natural balance using its own energy – which can result in increased strength, endorphins, and stability. Your body will feel like it’s supposed to feel, without chemicals and without the jolt-and-crash that other products (pills and supplements for example) may cause. There is no medication involved in this process – it’s simply a technology that we’ve developed and people of all ages and all sports are finding beneficial to resetting their baseline.

“The Quantum Difference saved my officiating career. I’ve been skating for 39 years – the past 20 as an official. Patellar tendinitis and osteoarthritis had me contemplating retirement after this season. With two sons who also play and officiate, it broke my heart to think my days on the ice were numbered. Hockey has been such a passion and huge part of my family’s life; my heart isn’t ready to walk away. The Quantum Difference products will give me another 10 years, if not more, on the ice. Because of your products, I’ll be able to participate in the sport I love with people I love for many, many more years.” – Nick Schirripa – Hockey Ref

— Resetting Your Body’s Health Cycle and Baseline

Austin Wayne Self Believes in The Quantum Difference

Austin Wayne Self Nascar racingOne of the best parts of seeing The Quantum Difference brand grow over the last year has been seeing who it has helped. We’ve talked about NHL players who wear our support gear and everyday folks who have found quicker recovery and relief wearing it day in and day out, but it benefits racecar drivers too!

Austin Wayne Self is one of our newest and most devoted believers and is one of our Quantum Difference sponsored athletes. Austin wears our short-sleeve performance enhancing shirts (need to link to the product – not sure how because the only product is for a long sleeve, but then you can choose short sleeve option, so I’ll leave the link up to you on this one) under his race suit for each of his races, and is a firm believer in the brand and the technology.

A need to be physically fit

Many people don’t realize how hard racing can be on your body. Drivers are usually holed up in their cars for hours shifting gears, accelerating and braking non-stop, tensed up muscles throughout the turns, and sometimes (and unfortunately) end up in high-impact crashes. Racecar drivers are athletes, and Austin knows firsthand how hard the sport can be – even on his young body. One article that talks about the necessity for drivers to be physically fit puts it in perspective using the Indy 500 as an example. “In the Indy 500, drivers are subject to forces equal to about 2.25 times their body weight, so being physically fit isn’t an option — it’s a must.”

The other part of this intense sport is that drivers must stay on high alert for extended periods of time – that alone takes endurance and strength.

“Racing is an exhilarating sport, but it’s a tiring one too. Wearing the performance enhancing shirts from Quantum Difference under my race suit has helped me in a lot of ways. For starters, it keeps me dry during the races because it can get really hot in there with no air conditioning. But the best part is it helps speed up my recovery the following day. I have definitely noticed an increase in my stamina since wearing QD, and it’s become a part of my uniform. In racing we don’t get a lot of days off, so this is something I like to attribute to my competitive edge because every lit bit can make the difference at the finish line,” Austin says with a smile.

Rookie of the Year

Back in December, Austin was awarded the 2014 Rookie of the Year for the ARCA Racing Series. The SCOTT Rookie of the Year must not only be a champion on the track, but off the track as well, and we are proud of Austin for this huge accomplishment.

The ARCA Racing Series is a series known for developing drivers – at only 18 years old Austin is determined to make a name for his self in the world of racing. And he’s off to a great start!

Stay connected with our newest Quantum Difference sponsored athlete on Facebook by following his racing page.

— Austin Wayne Self Believes in The Quantum Difference

The Progression of Athletic Performance Products

Football player Quantum DifferenceIt’s a pure and simple fact – athletes are bigger and better now than they were even 20 years ago. There is a lot of talk about what exactly is changing – is it the introduction of performance enhancing products, better training and work ethic, or are there just now higher caliber athletes? It’s may be a combination – or maybe it’s the science behind new apparel and training methods.

There is a lot of money to be earned playing professional sports and if a product comes on the market that might just boost your performance, it’s worth a shot isn’t it?


Look at NBA athletes.

Guys like Michael Jordan kept it simple because the technology wasn’t there – MJ went onto the court in shorts, a jersey, socks and shoes. A few of the greats wore kneepads, but that was about it. Now you see NBA greats with compression sleeves, goggles, spandex tights under their shorts, moisture-wicking socks with extra padding, shoes that are both a fashion statement, and promise to make you run faster and jump higher and more. You can barely look at a college or NFL offensive line without seeing every guy wearing one, if not two, expensive knee braces.

Compression Black collar logoOne of the biggest fads for athletes these days, particularly runners, is compression gear. From compression shorts during a long run, compression tights to help healing afterwards, or compression socks, many athletes can be seen decked out from head to toe.

Initially a treatment for swelling, the technology of compression has since been proven to help with vascular disorders, creating appropriate pressure in the body’s key areas. It helps blood flow in these overworked areas and athletes are depending on them more and more.

Now-a-days you pretty much see every sprinter wearing compression shorts, which have been proven in some studies to increase jumping ability. So if you’re a serious athlete, why not try products that could give you a performance edge?

Another example.

Yet another example of performance enhancing products are a variety of new basketball shoes hitting the market. The $300 Concept 1’s, which hit the market a few years back, were designed to create a lift for players and were subsequently banned from the NBA as they were cited for providing an “unfair competitive advantage.”

The Quantum Difference, a patented and proven form of technology (not to be confused with a fad) based on Isaac Newton’s Law of the Conservation of Energy, which says, “Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It simply changes from one form to another.”

q-guard-packaging-displayEach one of our products stimulates the midbrain – basically bringing your body back into balance. Our products make your body feel like it’s supposed to – without chemicals or the jolt-and-crash many other products can cause. All of our products are infused with the quantum energy, making everything from our mouth guards to our clothing to our braces conduits for the transference of your own productive energy. That is a science that won’t be banned, because it’s using what you already have, but making it work better.

The quantum difference is a competitive advantage because it helps the body stay in-tune during your workouts/games as well as helping repair the body faster, which is why many athletes use our products and swear by the quantum difference.

So as the technology behind athletic performance gear is evolving, are you evolving along with it?

— The Progression of Athletic Performance Products

Mike Schepke, Professional Hockey Player

“This is amazing! I had bad ankle pains, and I could not skate without pain. I wonder if one magnet is good, would two be better? Thank you so much! I can skate without pain for 1st time in a few years.”

— Mike Schepke, Professional Hockey Player

ACHA Division 2 Women’s Hockey Player

So I’ve worn my loose-fit short sleeve shirt for two skates now–one game and one practice–and I really felt that the shirt made a difference! I don’t normally wear shirts under my equipment (I usually overheat when I do), so I was a little hesitant to wear it for my game. However, now that I’ve used it a couple of times, I’ve changed my mind about performance shirts.First off, I never overheated, which was a huge relief. A shirt that breathes, and doesn’t feel soaked after a game of hockey is simply wonderful.

Secondly, my shot was harder than ever. Though I didn’t stick one in the back of the net last game, I felt like I was getting tons more power.

And finally, I felt FAST. On the back-check, it seemed like I was catching up to the puck carrier, even when they had a huge lead on me.

Originally, I figured I would just use it for workouts, or as an undershirt for work, but now, I’m considering getting another one!

Thanks for a great product!! I can’t wait for the mouthguard I ordered (my parents will be happy that I’ll finally be wearing one…).

— ACHA Division 2 Women’s Hockey Player

Jim Lanave, scratch golfer

“Wearing my Q Guard while golfing, I noticed I am hitting the ball further by about a club-and-a-half. While more distance is great, what I really noticed was an improvement in my balance. And most notably, when I wake up in the mornings, my back is not stiff and I have no pain.”

— Jim Lanave, scratch golfer

Dr. James Shurlow

“Dr. Ewing, I would like to attest to the fact that, indeed, you made a mouthguard for me in December 1997. The resulting effects helped me in my overall physical performance and endurance, especially during wrestling.”

— Dr. James Shurlow

Nicholas Williams, Professional Hockey Player

“Doc, as a professional hockey player, I was always looking for that competitive edge. As we all train very hard to play at this level, the Q-Guard has made a noticeable difference in my performance. I have noticed a great increase in my recuperation, endurance, and a greater increase in my balance and speed! Thank you again and please don’t let the word get out.”

— Nicholas Williams, Professional Hockey Player