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For more than 20 years Dr. David Ewing quietly suffered from severe chronic headaches. Like many of you do today, he just pushed through his life, accepting that managing pain would be part of his everyday routine.

It was Dr. Ewing’s dental patients who inspired him to achieve something better. So many of these patients were also quietly and hopelessly living with intense pain. As Dr. Ewing listened carefully to each person’s story, his journey began to help people feel better without the unpleasant side effects of medication.

Dr. Ewing eventually created and patent Quantum Difference Technology that alleviated pain for both himself and his long-suffering patients. This was the foundation of his new company: The Quantum Difference.

The Quantum Difference is focused on performance, safety and excellence in design. Our goal is to not just help you feel better, but to set new industry standards for performance and pain management.


Dr. Ewing refused to settle for band-aids. He was determined to find natural, long-lasting solutions. Most importantly, simply medicating his patients was NOT the answer.

He passionately and methodically beat down a path of scientific discovery spotted with effort, research, trials and experiments. One path of discovery led to another; and when connected together, these discoveries resulted in breakthrough solutions that help reduce and even eliminate pain.

What Dr. Ewing did not expect was the side-effect of his solutions. His newly created technology not only reduced pain in those who used it, but it also helped improve stamina and athletic performance.


The first product Dr. Ewing tested was the Q Splint. The startling success he found with this product then led to the development of the Q Guard mouth guard which was designed specifically to enhance the athletic performance. Next he created a line of specialized clothing for both athletic and professional performance.

When Dr. Ewing brought in Dr. Stephen “Kit” Taylor to help him expand the quantum energy technology even further, the results they were seeing were astounding. People who tried Quantum Difference products became instant believers. Professional athletes were hooked. Even non-athletes reported rapid healing and less pain.

Dr. Ewing started with a passion to help people feel better. The Quantum Difference is only the beginning of the journey.



“Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It simply changes from one form to another.” – Isaac Newton’s Law of the Conservation of Energy


Our vision at Quantum Difference is twofold:

Enhance the lives of those who suffer from chronic pain

Improve performance for the elite athlete in all of us

We accomplish this for our customers through neuro-magnetic products that influence the central nervous system and the acupuncture energy network. This science stems from Arndt’s Law of Physics, which found that a small stimulus to the body can manifest a profound result.

Quantum Difference products are manufactured with patented and patent-pending processes that include vibratory infusions of the materials. These vibrations enable and increase an integrated state in the central nervous system – in other words, they stimulate the mid-brain to bring your body back into its natural balance using its own energy – which can result in increased strength, endorphins, and stability

Our performance mouth guards, occlusal splints, recovery/support braces, performance braces, active wear, and underwear for both men and women are embedded and laced with ion-conducting solid electrons.

Though there is a plethora of scientific research supporting and explaining how the stimulation of the body’s own energy can enhance well-being, it’s our customers experiences that really prove this quantum technology works. Read some of our customers’ passionate testimonies.


The Law of the Conservation of Energy was discovered by Isaac Newton in the mid-1600s, is the founding notion of how Quantum Difference products work. Each of our products enhances the flow of your own body’s energy, stimulating the midbrain into bringing your body back into balance. Your body will feel like it’s supposed to feel, without chemicals and without the jolt-and-crash that other products may cause.

IT wasn’t that long ago that if someone told you that someday you would not need a phone line to carry a phone message, you would laugh and call them crazy. The same can be said for airplanes, submarines, automobiles, hypodermic injections and microwave ovens – but they are part of our everyday existence now. Soon the patented technology The Quantum Difference will be as well.

We can offer more supporting research than just about every other performance-enhancing product company out there – but the only way you’re going to know if this works is to try it yourself. We have yet to find a person who did not notice a difference when they used one of our products.

The most important thing about our technology is that it works. Every time. Once people try it, they are believers for life. In fact, professional and amateur athletes alike swear by our products.


Dr. Ewing has recently partnered with Dr. Stephen “Kit” Taylor, a world-renowned chiropractic neurologist, to expand his original technology into other functional athletic, active wear and under wear.

Kit’s vast experience helping patients regain and improve their physical and mental health with quantum energy is a welcome addition to the team at The Quantum Difference. He brings a unique perspective with his previous work with the Dallas Cowboys and the Denver Broncos, having treated professional athletes that are harder on their bodies than most of us are in our day-to-day lives. What he has learned from these top-notch athletes is now helping both athletes and non-athletes alike bring their bodies back to a healthy state and be more engaged in their own healing.

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